Richard Lemson, CEO

Rick Lemson has lived and worked in West Michigan all his life.  Rick started his working career in his teens, roofing with his Father’s family business.  After five years of roofing, Rick got a chance to get into Architectural Woodworking, where he spent the next twenty years as the Vice President.  In the 90’s Rick saw strong technology trends in the industry, leading him to start his own family business with his wife and sons.  One of the many assets Rick brings to Precise is his vast knowledge and experience.  Even though the industry is ever changing with technology Rick's standards are always the same.  Rick is a great leader and very respected here at Precise.

When Rick is not running the Company, you can find him in the boat shop building Kayaks by hand or out at the river enjoying one of many outdoor activities.  Wherever you find him, you can be sure he will be busy doing something.

  • r.lemson[at]precisecompanies[dot]com