Wood Powder Coating

The Precise Wood Powder Coating team has two state of the art production lines, most in the industry, ready to serve your every need with the best service in the industry.

Precise was the first company to have a production wood powder coating system after the invention of low cure powder coatings.

Precise provides powder coating services for the following industries: POP Display, Store Fixtures, Medical Industry, Office Furniture, Retail Industry, Food Services, Home Goods, cabinetry of all kinds, and many other industries.

Wood Powder Coating is a very environmentally safe and green product. Even more so now that the MDF we use is CARB certified, which means it has the lowest levels of toxins in the industry. Making it not only safer to work with but better for the consumer in every way.

No HAP's or VOC's in powder.

Why powder coat? Besides the obvious reasons of being a completely Green Product, wood powder offers a durable seamless product with the design flexibility that was never attainable with laminate plastics, wet spray, melamine or vinyl wrap (membrane press).

Even with all these added benefits, wood powder coating is still, in most cases, the most economical finishing process for MDF in the industry.

Wood Powder Coating Gallery

Explore our facility with this gallery of Wood Powder Coating images